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19 days to go!

'Twas the week before Valentines, and the team hath been scurrying around like Remy from the movie Ratatouille getting their affairs in order as we are about to drive into the FRC competition.

Programming continued creating and testing autonomous paths. They also had a discussion with the super drive team about controls for the game this year. The game app is also in the works…and looking to be infinitely better than Minecraft PE.

Fabrication has mounted the elevator to the drive base and the grabber/intake to the horizontal extension. They also removed the Swerve modules from the off-season Swerve drive and attached them onto the robot. Look out! We might have an actual robot! At the end of the week, Fabrication passed the robot off to Electrical. And Electrical needs to be magical because they need to hand off to programming ASAP.

The Business team is finalizing the Impact Executive Summaries and Essay due for submission this week. Impact Award video editing has begun, and our Hollywood-quality video producer is hard at work. Impact Award presenters are fine tuning the presentation for rehearsal. Keep an eye out on our social media for posts about all our activities.

Electrical has finished wiring the drivetrain and started to clean up the wiring. They are working on a system to route the wires to the end of the horizontal extension. They also created a schematic to outline where all the mechanism connections on the robot are . . . so when something falls off, we know where to put it back on!

Design CNC’d additional components for the robot and worked with fabrication to solve issues with flexing in the elevator… no, not the students. The robot. No one’s muscles were harmed in the making of this blog post. Design finalized the accessory mountings (limelight, CANdle, etc.) and they are now ready to 3D print. Next week, they'll be focused on working with electrical to create a neat and functional wiring system for their extensions and CNC or 3D print parts for the robot.

Strategy is gathering scouters for the upcoming competition. They are also preparing for scout training – mostly eating 20 carrots a day to keep those peepers in peak condition.

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