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Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The Techno Titans boot camp continued as planned this week. The new and returning members of the team went through the activities set by subteam leaders and had fun along the way!

The Fabrication subteam worked to finish tool certification for the students and worked with more specialized tools like the lathe. Later in the week GRITS prep was the focus -- they worked on the shooter (getting it put back together with new parts) and putting in new ball guides for the feeder and adding a ball stopping mechanism.

The Electrical subteam went to the workspace this week and made full use of it, discussing how electrical components fit into the robot and how it all works together. They worked on troubleshooting problems with the current robot.

The Design subteam continued to work on their CAD-ing skills this week. Members learned new and more advanced tools on Solidworks and used this knowledge on different mini projects, building new drawings and interesting shapes.

The Programming subteam moved forward with the basics of robot code this week including command-based programming, robot parts, types of commands (among other things) and applied this knowledge to program the Romis. Romi robots provide a platform that FRC students can program using the full suite and libraries that are used to program (FRC) competition robots, making it a great teaching tool and introductory competition robot.

The Business subteam continued to schedule projects and tasks for the upcoming semester, edit the website for a cleaner new look, start working on team documentation, writing/editing award submissions, writing/editing grant applications, and started to prepare for the upcoming GRITS competition.

Additionally, we held our team informational parent meeting. We wanted to provide information on how the team functions, about the GRITS competition, and how the new FRC season will progress. The team is back in full-swing again and looking forward to all our activities!

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