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Week four hath been...

The Techno Titans have, with great diligence, labored this week, making ready for a season of the First Robotics Competition full of promise!

Pray tell, this present week hath seen great advancement in the realm of Fabrication. They have successfully constructed the drive base, upon which all other components shall be affixed. The vertical elevator hath also been nearly completed, with only its attachment to the drive base yet to be performed. The horizontal extension hath made substantial progress and is now firmly attached to the elevator. Although the intake, or grabber, hath experienced some difficulty with its opening and closing mechanism, it is in the final stages of preparation and soon shall be attached to the extension. It is their hope to convey the robot unto the hands of the electrical team forthwith.

The department of Programming hath made remarkable progress in the art of autonomous paths, having acquired the use of a new platform named "Path Planner." They have thus far created potential paths for the game and have refined the robot's journey through the mastery of code.

The Electrical team hath completed the task of affixing all components to the Lexan panel, designed to hold such elements. They have also wired an LED, known as the "CANdle," with the intention of conveying to the human player the proper element to release. The completion of all components for the electrical schematic hath been achieved and they shall now turn their efforts to the assembly thereof.

The Design division hath been occupied with the incorporation of additional components into the CAD, including the CANdle and a new camera for vision, as well as the refinement of the grabber, the CNCing of components for both the vertical and horizontal extensions, and rectifying any mistakes that may arise during fabrication.

The Strategy group hath made decisions regarding their approach to scouting at the first competition and hath commenced the creation of a form to be utilized in match scouting. Efforts are underway to increase interest and education in the importance of scouting, so as to secure a sufficient number of participants.

The Business division hath persevered in their endeavors to pen and refine the Impact Essay and its attendant queries, as well as bringing the designs for merchandise to their final form. This coming week, they shall commence the generating of ideas for the Impact Award video. Furthermore, those students selected to represent the Techno Titans in the Impact Award presentation have taken it upon themselves to convene and initiate their preparations.

*Blog post generated per ChatGPT in the guise of Thomas Jefferson.

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