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As a team, we work to increase our community’s awareness of the importance of STEM through various activities and projects.

Mentor and Assisting through FIRST® programs

During the 2023-2024 season, Techno Titans mentored two FLL teams and one FTC team. 

  • FIRST® Lego League (FLL)

    • Dragon Tech (FLL 38647)

    • Techno Tigers (FLL 53689)​

  • FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) Team

    • Atlantis (FTC 17456)​

Previously mentored FIRST® teams:

  • Robo Elite (FLL 8397)

  • Techno Wizards (FLL 24587)

  • Level-Up Builders (FLL 46079)

  • Gladiator Robotics: Gladiator Robotics started their FRC team in 2014, and we were able to offer help by lending mentors, supplies, and space, as well as aiding them with their registration process. 

The Cosmic Wolves (now known as the CyberWolves) were the Regional Team Winners for the 2020-2021 competition year.


  • We like to give robot demonstrations to current and future sponsors, connecting companies with robotics and STEM education. Sponsored companies use our name as a model team to increase their support for STEM and FIRST® competitions.

  • We give demonstrations at fairs and open houses to introduce STEM and robotics in our community. We have also given many demonstrations at schools and Boy and Girl Scout troops to encourage younger generations to pursue STEM education.

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