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STEM Nights

The Techno Titans STEM Nights are held each month. Student mentors teach attendees hands-on science concepts while building fun creations they get to keep and take home. 

Our next STEM Night will be in January 2023. Please keep an eye out for information and registration next month.

NOVEMBER 19, 2022

      STEM Night this month focused on gravity, air resistance, and physics. Our workshop this month hosted 32 students in grades 2-6 (and a group of about 10 parents).  We looked at the science of parachute flight. What falls faster? A plastic bag or a rock? It depends on the object’s property. Objects hitting air molecules with a larger surface area fall slower -- so the rock will fall faster! That was the basic science for our project.

     Students were given a kit with a wiffle ball, four strings, and a sheet of square plastic. By tying the strings to each corner, and then attaching the string to the wiffle ball -- they created a parachute. We went outside and watched a demonstration about parachutes. Then the students were given time to throw their parachutes into the air and watch them float down. We had a small competition to see who could get their parachute the highest, go the farthest, stay floating the longest, and land closest to a specific location. 

     The workshop ended with a short, fun quiz about what they learned. Everyone got some snacks and continued to play with their parachutes. It was a LOT of fun!

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OCTOBER 8, 2022

     We hosted our first STEM Night where we introduced 22 kids from grades 2 - 5 to the concepts of potential and kinetic energy through our hands-on catapult building activity. After instruction, kids created their own catapults using popsicle sticks, spoons, and rubber bands. They then tested out their catapults by aiming them into plastic cup targets and having some friendly competition.