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September wrap up

The Techno Titans finished boot camp this week as team members finished their respective subteam training. New and returning members are now ready to help prepare the robot for competition as we enter October with GRITS on our minds.

The Fabrication subteam got to work on their tool certification projects. All students were able to finish, certifying them to use the various power tools at the workspace. They also learned how to do basic CAD and apply it to the fabrication of robot parts.

The Electrical subteam learned from a combined presentation with Fabrication, discussing the various parts of the robot. Afterwards, they worked to fix Odin (our CHARGED UP robot) and a practice robot to hone their skills and prepare the robot for GRITS.

The Design subteam continued working on their CAD skills, learning the various SolidWorks features the team uses. Afterwards, they put their new knowledge to use by modeling practice projects based off sketches.

On the Programming subteam, Advanced Programming learned the basics of using AdvantageScope with AdvantageKit. They also made their own tank drive project and tested it on a robot at the workspace. They were also taught the basic components of a robot and how to use the driver station. Beginner Programming finished learning the basics of Java through CodeHS and started to apply their knowledge in small projects.

The Business subteam discussed important documents the team creates and updates. They then divided projects and tasks between team members, working to prepare new documentation for awards, create social media posts, and editing the website to create a new, updated look.

In addition, on Friday the team demoed our T-shirt shooting robot, Kronos, at the Northview High School Homecoming pep rally, launching shirts into the crowd as they excitedly caught them. With the team back in full swing, we are ready to prep for the upcoming GRITS competition. We are excited to see what team members can accomplish as they get to put all the skills bootcamp taught them into practice.

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