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Summer camps are held annually for rising 5th to 9th grade students and are taught by the Techno Titans team members. Both camps will use the FIRST Core Values of Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun to create a hands-on STEM experience to help build confidence, grow student knowledge, and develop habits of learning.


Stay tuned for next year's camp. ​

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Summer Camp 2022

The Techno Titans team hosted two in-person camps in July. In addition to the main theme of each camp, students learned about FIRST Core Values -- ideas that represent FIRST's highest priorities and fundamental driving forces.


Week one camp was computer aided design (CAD) using OnShape, a free online software program. Students learned 3D modeling to design and create various concepts including a name tag, a penguin, original Minecraft characters, puzzle cubes, and modeling their own bedroom. The students used the lessons taught in class to create these ideas, culminating in a sandcastle contest. The winning sandcastle was printed on the 3D printer for the student designer.

Week two was a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) themed camp. Using LEGO Mindstorm EV3 robots, the students learned design, building, and programming to create a robot to compete in an end-of-week friendly competition. Each day the students would learn new design and programming concepts, and explore the FIRST Core Values. Each team learned about the Core Values and presented about them on the last day. Additionally, each team created a unique robot then programmed it to line trace, push blocks, make the lady LEGO swing on the swing, and traverse the ramp. 

Overwhelming consensus for both camps was that playing Four Square outside with the class and Techno Titans was the best part!



Summer Camp 2021

We hosted two summer camps in July. First was a week-long virtual camp, held via Zoom. We taught students the basics of computer aided design (CAD) using OnShape, a free online software program. Students learned 3D modeling by creating their own design, and the basics of 3D printing. They even received a 3D printed model of their design.

The second week was an full day in-person camp that allowed students to learn the basics of design, building, programming, and competing in a FLL-type competition. Students worked in small teams to develop their idea, construct their robot, program the robot to perform a climb, manage a see-saw, and wind through a line tracking course. 

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