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10 days and counting!

Albany event is CHARGING at us...

We’ve located the famous purple hard hat with last year’s team pins.

Our new merch has been ordered.

Our Business Plan is ready.

Our Impact Award presentation is almost done. As for the rest of the team…

Design revamped some 3D printed parts and designed others for the problems that show up as they test and use the robot. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, they'll be on standby for the robot, and transition to other projects and prep for the SolidWorks certification test.

The Business Team completed and submitted the Impact Executive Summaries and Essay! Additionally, the team Business Plan and Style Guide have been updated. The team is currently focusing on the Impact Award presentation and video.

The Strategy team created a paper match scouting and pit scouting forms for the Albany competition. With the new ideas Strategy has been working on, they feel paper forms will be best for this event.

Fabrication’s work has slowed significantly. They passed the robot on to the Electrical team but will make a few finishing touches. New bumpers are done and waiting for installation. Fabrication is another team on standby…hopefully they will not be called into repair or redo anything important.

Electrical finished wiring the robot, cleaned up the wiring, and then started to work on the

schematic. They then passed off the robot to Programming. Again, another group on standby. Maybe all these students waiting around can clean up and reorganize the workspace…

Finally… Programming began testing code on the robot this week -- the drive train and elevator are now fully functional. They are also using PhoenixPro on the drive train and testing the code for the claw mechanism; hopefully the claw won't go rogue. We are headed to DE for a couple practice session this week. Wish us luck!

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