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2022 Summer Camp Week 1!

We had a fantastic first week of summer camp! This week, we held an OnShape 3D Design Camp where we taught 20 rising 4th through 9th grade students to develop their skills in computer aided design (CAD).

In one of their first activities, our campers were tasked with designing their very own name tags. The name tags were all 3D printed later in the week and the students were allowed to take them home to keep! Campers were also enthusiastic to design their very own Minecraft characters, which allowed them to continue experimenting with various CAD features in OnShape. Additionally, our student mentors gave in-depth demonstrations of our 3D printer, CNC machine, and our FRC robot so that campers could view real-world applications of CAD. It was also very important for us to give our campers breaks and let them enjoy fresh air and exercise daily with games of four square after long sessions of screen time.

In addition, we held review games of Kahoot at the end of each day. Not only did these review games include questions that were related to what the campers were taught, the games also included questions and answers from our morning icebreaker activities! These games helped campers solidify their knowledge of important CAD concepts and further get to know each other throughout the week.

Last but not least, any Techno Titan camp would not have been complete without having an FRC dance practice! These dances helped campers and student mentors relax and make even more memories together, while also introducing campers to how exciting FRC competitions can be.

Overall, the Techno Titans had so much fun this week working with such innovative and bright students, who all showed incredible enthusiasm and quickly grasped and applied CAD concepts in unique ways. Thank you to all the parents for entrusting us with your students, we hope they take away the tools to help them achieve their dreams whether it be to become a toy maker, architect, or any other career they choose!

Our Week 1 Camp would not have been possible without the support of our amazing mentors and a team of 30 Techno Titan student teachers and helpers. Our Week 2 FLL-themed camp will kick off next week with a group of 24 students - the future is looking bright! 💙

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