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Another productive week!

Last week was another eventful week for the Techno Titans, with GRITS preparation in full swing as we count down the few days remaining until competition. The team headed to DE, where newer drivers got some driving experience with both driver and co-driver controls. Though we experienced some technical difficulties, we were able to get it fixed and are ready to bring our A-game this weekend!

In addition, FTC Team Atlantis went to their first league competition of the season! They had fun and learned a lot from meeting the other teams and seeing their robots in action. They played five matches, of which they won three and ended off strong finishing in sixth place at the competition. As they regroup from the competition, they plan to finish their scoring mechanism and intake to come back even stronger at the next league meet.

On the other hand, what a spooky week it's been! We hosted our Halloween-themed STEM Night at our workspace, where student mentors taught the kids how to make a fun interactive model of their own hand using string as tendons and straws as muscles. Kids and student mentors alike showed off their favorite costumes, dressing up as superheroes, foods, and even an inflatable skeleton. To end off the STEM night the kids got some trick-or-treat goody bags. From there we went directly into our team's social, where team members dressed up in costumes and brought in their favorite desserts for a potluck. We had a blast eating tasty food, playing a fun blindfolded puzzle game, and ending it all off with a costume parade where members showed off their costumes for a chance to win prizes!

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