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Another week gone!

Update for the week of October 18, 2021

This week we had Drive Team tryouts for lead driver, co-driver and coach.

There were 18 students interested in testing for driver, 16 for co-driver, and 11 for coach. We now have our GRITS drive team in place. Stay tuned! Only 4 more days!

Additionally, among the subteams:

In Fabrication, we made improvements to our robot by changing the hopper wheel to rubber tubing that moves the ball through the shooting mechanism. We organized the storage/tool bins in the workshop, had basic SolidWorks training, and reviewed the pros and cons of different types of drive trains. We also discussed motors and reviewed what air cylinders do and how they work.

Design is continuing to make a drivetrain to gain more experience with CAD and developing robots. We learned about previous FRC robots, games, and mechanisms to get familiar with how to design everything.

Electrical is researching the RFID system for the battery box. We have focused on getting the new members ready for FRC and teaching them the basics of electrical for future projects. This week they presented the FRC electrical system and started designing the circuit for the RFID system.

Beginner Programming has been working with Java methods, variables, loops, and other basic concepts. GRITS programming team has begun collecting data for vision-based flywheel automation. Advanced programming has been trying to create their own drivetrain sub-system from scratch by learning vision.

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