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Busy, busy week

The Techno Titans are gearing up for the GRITS competition and this week has been eventful, with driver tryouts and the GA FIRST symposium.

For the driver position, we held tryouts this week. Two people were chosen as drivers based on their performance on maneuvering through an obstacle course. The course focused on speed, smoothness, and precision, as well as keeping calm under pressure. Based on their performance at the GRITS competition, we will choose the person who will be primary driver. The primary coach will remain the same as last year, working to train and help the new backup coach. For the backup coach position, several students were interviewed, and two candidates were chosen to “audition” at the GRITS competition. As with the driver, the backup coach will be chosen based on how well they step into the position.

The GA FIRST symposium was an incredible experience for the Techno Titans. The event took place at Kennesaw State University in Marietta. Team members who attended were excited and impressed by the advanced engineering and technology labs, as well as the workshops that were open for us to tour. The tours provided a look at the many different fields of engineering at KSU. The other FRC teams who presented at the symposium were interesting and insightful, and our students gained useful ideas and advice.

Additionally, Techno Titans members presented two workshops. Atman and Chinmaya discussed Preparing for Judging Interviews, and Coco and Sailee presented Developing a Business Plan. Both presentations were well received. We are happy the GA FIRST Symposium is in person again; it was an amazing learning experience that the team thoroughly enjoyed.

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