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Four down and four to go

Week Four of the FRC Season has been an eventful week for the Techno Titans, with our team taking significant strides towards our end goals!

The Fabrication Team has made substantial process on the robot, as they have finally seen the robot move! They constructed an intake that seems to take in balls reliably, and without many problems. Fabrication is also nearing completion on a feeder with only a few changes left to resolve. Their main goal for next week is the shooter.

The Design Team has been working on CAM-ing and CNC-ing parts for the robot. They have also been working tirelessly on making sure that the robot built abides by the FIRST robot rule standards. However, there are only minor changes to make, and the robot is virtually finished design-wise!

The Programming Team has been grateful for the finished intake and drivetrain and is working on testing code. They have also been focusing on creating the Controls Layout for the Drive Team and experimented with control modes on falcon meters – finally getting the ‘velocity mode’ to work to their liking.

The Electrical Team has finished their main project – completing the final iteration of the Electrical Tower and has moved on to working on the back panel (the sponsor plate).

The Business team has continued to write and edit the Chairman’s Essay and questions, and brainstorm the video, which has been their priority for the last few weeks. The Chairman’s presentation has also been gearing up; the students chosen to represent the Techno Titans in the Chairman’s Award have been meeting to start preparations.

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