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Here we go!

Week 1 of the FRC season was eventful, to say the least. All the sub-teams have been hard at work as we gear up for the season.

The Fabrication team has worked hard on prototyping an intake mechanism that would hopefully help the design team know what works. They have also begun to mark out the 2022 field, and plan to start building the field elements next week. They have been closely tied to the Design team to make sure the team is going in the right direction.

The Design team has started the season by brainstorming and figuring out the correct measurements for all the robot’s subsystems. Designing prototypes, and even potential final builds, have also been worked on this week.

The Programming Team has worked on the autonomous portion of the match, trying to get autonomous driving to work in the way that they want it to. The Vision system for the robot has also been on the mind of our team.

The Electrical team has worked on cleaning and organizing the workbench, and ordering parts (receiving a new Power Distribution Panel [PDP]) to gear up for the season.

The Business team has been organizing activities they have to do in the upcoming weeks, with members choosing which tasks they would like to contribute to. Designing and selecting new team merchandise, and the Chairman’s essay and questions have been the main task of the team this week.

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