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Let's get ready!

With Albany almost here, the team is scrambling to get everything ready to go as we approach competition in a five days!!

Programming has made the elevator, the claw, and the drive train subsystems fully functional through configuring many limit switches and extensive testing. They determined the elevator and claw positions for match play. This will allow the drive team to practice scoring and time cycles. They have also begun testing vision assisted autonomous drive train alignment with the grid.

Design reiterated more 3D printed parts and solved arising problems with even MORE 3D printing. Design has slowed down going into final few days before competition but will continue making spare parts as you can never be too prepared!

Electrical has been working to finish wiring the robot; with the most recent changes (adding a limit switch), everything seems good to go. They are working on the schematic for robot, hoping to finish in time for the Albany event.

Fabrication has made a few minor changes that will give the robot a boost on performance, but overall they are now on-call for repairs when needed and gearing up for the competition.

Strategy has been training scouters on pit and match scouting to get prepared for competition.

Business has continued to focus on the Impact presentation and video. The presentation team has been hard at work rehearsing, refining slides, fine-tuning information, and practicing questions. The video team completed a rough cut of the Impact video and is now working to make some minor changes. Additionally, social media and blog posts continue to be worked on.

Almost there. We are ready for Albany! Let’s hope Albany is ready for the Techno Titans!

Video below of testing at the practice field today.

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