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Look out Dalton!

Five days until competition and we are working hard!

The Electrical Team was hard at work fixing issues that came up throughout the week – the hood, pneumatic leaks, and the compression of the turret wiring mechanism. They also worked on wiring the climb and NavX. They also re-terminated the CAN (Control Area Network), packed the mini-pit, and attached the raspberry pi to the power tower.

The Programming Team accomplished a lot this week. They finished coding the autonomous routines and drivetrain calibration, which was their main focus this week. They then worked on the turret tracking system, testing it throughout the week.

The Fabrication team modified the intake (adding wheels to lessen the risk of balls getting stuck), mounted the climb and clamping mechanism, mounted the NavX, and the bumpers. They also worked on the gearbox and added encoders for the turret. However, their main focus this week became the drivetrain as a lot of issues popped up during testing.

The Design Team did all they could to help the robot’s progress this week. They continued to CNC pieces as needed -- driver cam mounts and electrical turret wiring plates, along with replacement parts that might be needed during competition. They also brainstormed ways to improve the climb after testing began.

The Business Team’s focus became the Chairman’s presentation and video. The presentation team started practicing, refining slides, fine-tuning information, and fielding questions. The video is in progress – the script edited and updated. The video team began choosing video clips, having interviews, doing voice-overs, and sequencing the clips. Cyrano updates continue to be worked on, as well as emails and blog posts.

The Co-driver tryouts finished this week, finishing up the Drive Team tryouts.

Wish us luck!!

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