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Week of September 27, 2021 (updated October 2)

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The various subteams are continuing to train and teach new and returning members. Design is learning how to CAD a drivetrain and random ideas that may pop-up during the season. Advanced programming is learning to program robot code and to program using the roboRIO. New programming members are learning to code in Java. The Business subteam is developing a presentation for the team on FIRST and the history and background of the Techno Titans.

Testing continues on Hyperion (our Infinite Recharge robot) to get her ready for GRITS. We have diagnosed and updated the climb mechanism. We added a kneecap last week, and there was a coding issue that underpowered the winch. Now fixed! We are still testing the prototype for a new shooter/hood to correct accuracy and speed. Only 27 days

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