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Only 30 days until competition...

Robot design was completed this week! The Design team added small details to the renderings, making the robot ready to build. We started to CNC some parts to make a close-to-final prototype of the grabber and create a detailed proof of concept. Through prototyping, we realized some parts can still be improved, and will be making those changes. The Design students worked on creating models of parts to be 3D printed and will be waiting to tackle any revisions or problems that may come up.

Week three has been very busy for Fabrication. They built an intake that seems to work well. A lot of robot parts were ordered and delivered, allowing Fabrication to start cutting and drilling for major parts of the robot. The CNC team also started making parts in-house. In the coming week Fabrication wants to make significant progress on the construction of the robot.

Electrical received the panel to mount the electrical components to and started working on the wiring for the new robot. They wired a device called a CANivore which allows them to use multiple CAN busses on the robot to lower CAN utilization. Students started working on a schematic for various electrical components which will include the Power distribution Hub and motor controllers. The schematic will be a general idea of what the electrical system would look like.

Programming finished code that allows the robot to align with the vision tape to score the cones. They created commands using their corrected subsystem code from last week. Programming also tested the grabber prototype on our swerve drive.

During the third week of the season, the Strategy team discussed their competition day approach for scouting and alliance selection. They decided the roles their team needs, and the skills required to do the best they can at every competition.

The Business subteam finalized the Impact Award presentation team, and continued work on the Business Plan (Team Sustainability) and Executive Summaries and Team Essay. Final designs for team merchandise were submitted, and we will pick a design next week. Busy Business team but only a few students to make it happen. Anyone want to help?!

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