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OnShape beginner summer camp

Although school is out for summer, the Techno Titans are still busy. Our summer camps are in full swing! Last week we hosted a beginner's CAD camp. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is the software used to make 2D and 3D objects and is often used by engineers and others in many different fields. It is a very useful skill to learn.

On the first day of the camp, we started off with some icebreakers. Camp participants and student mentors introduced themselves and then got to work. Campers learned the basics of OnShape including sketches, extrusions, dimensions and constraints. The project of the day was to create a table and a basic rocket.

Day two included teaching the concepts of cross sections, revolving, and patterning. One of their activities for the day was to make their own personalized UFO, and they did not disappoint! The kids showed off their skills and made space ships with their own little twists. The end of day project was to build a robot using the skills they had learned and refined throughout the day.

Day three -- campers learned how to do assemblies. They had fun making their own Minecraft, space themed characters! The day was meant for some fun and independent exploration of the software, and the kids ended by making a puzzle cube. The cubes will be printed out and sent to each of the campers kids so they will have a physical representation of their creation!

Day four was full of things to learn. After reviewing all of the concepts from the week, 3D printing was discussed. Campers learned the various aspects that made up the process of 3D printing. A live demonstration of printing was shown, and the kids finished their puzzle cubes.

Day five, the final day of the camp, was full of fun! A partner competition was held -- one partner wrote a script for the other partner to CAD. We had a pizza party at lunch. At the end of the day, the Techno Titans presented to the kids and parents about how CAD can be used in real life as well as about the Techno Titans various FIRST and community programs. We finished with an award ceremony, thanking each of the campers for their hard work all week long.

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