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The final stretch!

The Design Team worked and completed many projects this week. At the beginning of the week, the focus was CNC-ing to finish the electrical turret wire box, aluminum support plate, an intake plate, the upper hood plates, and driver cam plate. Once completed, they shifted their focus to redesigning the navX case, gearbox covers, and driver cam mount. They also helped Fabrication pre-assemble the navX case and gearbox covers. The sponsor recognition board was also worked on.

The Electrical Team continued to work on the robot, completing multiple tasks this week. They mounted the turret wiring mechanism, wired the turret itself, and fixed the solenoid manifold mount. As they progressed, they tested and fixed mistakes and issues with the controller area network (CAN) and the electrical backplate.

The Programming team’s main focus this week was coding and assessing the turret of the robot. They coded the motor for managing the turret wiring, as well as testing the shooter range and the electrical components of the turret. The AppDev group continued work on the team scouting app and the FRC-themed mobile game.

The Fabrication team built new bumpers for the robot and completed the second arm of the robot climb. The new intake plates created by CNC group were installed on the robot.

The Business Team has finished their work with annual merchandise and Techno Titans Style Guide. The Business plan is almost complete, needing an update. The team continues to work on website updates and weekly blog posts to email Cyrano blasts to parents, sponsors, and alumni. The main focus of the team this week was the Chairman’s video, and the Chairman’s presentation group working to perfect and rehearse their information.

The Drive Team tryouts have progressed as well, with Coach and Human Player tryouts finishing up. Co-driver will hopefully be completed this week.

Summer camp planning has started. Members interested in mentoring or teaching at the annual Techno Titans summer camp have been meeting regularly to brainstorm and curriculum plan.

Only twelve days left to the PCH District Dalton Event!

Check out the shooting video below, and a few pictures from testing. That last picture...well, sometimes things don't work out the way you plan!


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