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Two weeks down...

Week 2 of the FRC season has been a busy one for the Techno Titans!

The Fabrication team has finished building and assembling the Hanger Field element and plan to shift focus on the hub next. They have also continued to work on prototyping mechanisms with their main focus this week on the shooter and the feeder. They have also begun to assemble the drivetrain.

The Electrical team was tasked with developing a way to support the new power system components. Their solution? To build a new electrical tower -- this new tower was their focus for the week.

The Design Team has been designing prototypes for the robot; getting closer and closer

to achieving the final finished product. There was a robot design review for the whole team held on Wednesday. There was much discussion, questions, and suggestions. After consideration, a few small tweaks were made to the design, and we are moving forward.

The Programming team has worked hard and effectively finished the initial version of the robot code which they will enhance in the weeks to come. They are also writing code to filter incoming data to control the motors, drive train, and flywheel.

The Business team has been focusing on the Chairman’s Essay questions and the Digital Animation video. We hope to have the Digital Animation submission video completed soon. Tryouts for Chairman’s Award presenters were held this week, and final choices for merchandise designs are currently being voted on.

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