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Week 6 update

Another great work week for our team!

The Programming Team has worked hard on different things this week. After getting previous year’s robots Hyperion and Blinky running again, they formatted and cleaned up the robot code. They also reimaged the roboRIO with the latest WPILib software release, got the compressor running, and tested moving solenoids via a hardware client. After this, they moved towards finishing the pit sign hood and started optimization on the driver cam, which needs a lot of work right now. AppDev has completed the start screen, map, and two of the level designs for the annual FRC-themed mobile game.

The Electrical Team completed a pneumatics schematic and worked on the turret wire management design. The team continued to work on robot pneumatics and electrical installation the entire week.

The Design Team continued CNC-ing the robot. After changing to a new CNC bit (making cutting much smoother), they completed the limelight plates while also working on the intake and climb plates.

The Business Team completed and submitted the Chairman’s Executive Summaries and Essay. Additionally, new pit banners were created, and Techno Titans merchandise has been finalized. The team is currently focusing on the Chairman’s Award presentation and video.

The Fabrication Team started planning for the future as they gave the Electrical team as much time as needed with the robot. Fabrication began brainstorming solutions for the shooter issues (distance and backspin), and fixing problems with the intake mechanism (moving balls into the feeder).

Summer camp planning commenced with our first meeting. We had a great number of students turn out to help begin the process. We are looking forward to new students and FLL camps this summer.

This week we held Driver tryouts. Co-driver and Human Player tryouts to continue this week. Only 18 days until Dalton!

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