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Week Five! 25 days until Dalton

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The Design Team has worked hard on the robot, CNC-ing the turret support plate, shooter motor plates, electrical side panels, battery mount, limelight mount, climb plates, climb hooks, and flywheel plate wheels. Additionally, the team brainstormed ways for the shooter to work electrically and worked/talked about CSWA (Certified SolidWorks Associate certification) and other side projects.

The Programming Team has worked on a ton of stuff this week. They worked with color sensors (making sure that they work properly and as intended), worked with the intake code, tested shooter angles, and worked heavily with the new Limelight. This is the first time the Techno Titans have used Limelight and are very happy with the progress they have made. The App Dev team has also made progress on their app. They have finished creating a game idea this week and worked on planning the app out.

The Fabrication Team has continued the assembly process this week, mounting the intake (through testing discovered it needs an upgrade), shooter (needs to have a dual position for optimal shooting), and climb (testing – works but still need more parts). They have continued working, even as they are passing the robot off to electrical and programming. Lots accomplished this week!

The Electrical Team has made great progress this week. They finished the electrical tower at the beginning of the week - though noting it could use some upgrades. The rest of the week they worked on mounting the Power Tower, CNC-ing side and backplates, worked with the battery holder, and dabbled in pneumatics near the end of the week.

The Business subteam has been working on the Business plan – brainstorming and updating the Risk Analysis, and discussing the team Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT). Updates were made to the website blog, and we continued to fine tune the Chairman’s Essay and summaries. We also are starting brainstorming and interviewing for the Chairman’s video. See slideshow below!

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