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2022 Summer Camp Week 2!

We wrapped up our summer camps with a fun and eventful second week! For Week 2, we held an FLL-based (FIRST Lego League) Camp where we taught 24 rising 5th through 9th grade students to build an autonomous LEGO robot capable of accomplishing various tasks. We were thrilled to see some of our Week 1 CAD campers back in the workspace for Week 2.

On day 1, campers learned about the basics of the scratch-based coding platform EV3 Classroom and built their base robot using the EV3 brick and LEGO components. Each team had a blast creating their funny team names and brainstorming creative ways to earn points on the FLL City Shaper map.

To accomplish more challenging tasks, our student mentors taught the campers to program their robots with color sensors, gyro sensors, and robot mechanisms. Campers brainstormed as a team and developed pseudocode to create the software for their robot, many of them learning and applying programming logic for the first time.

Throughout the week, campers created one of a kind LEGO attachments and continued to iterate on their robots to make them more efficient when performing tasks. It was also very important for us to give our campers breaks and let them enjoy fresh air and exercise daily with games of four square and CORE values activities.

Similar to Week 1, we continued to host Kahoot review games at the end of each day. These games not only included questions that were related to what the campers were taught, the games also included questions and answers from our morning icebreaker activities! These games helped campers to solidify their knowledge in programming logic, sensors, and further get to know each other throughout the week.

On day 5, campers experienced a FIRST competition-like environment where they danced to FRC songs, showed off team spirit, and presented their CORE values board and robot to demonstrate the strong engineering foundation and soft skills that they developed throughout the week.

Overall, the Techno Titans had so much fun this week working with such innovative and bright students, who all showed incredible enthusiasm and quickly grasped and applied their knowledge to create autonomous robots. Thank you to all the parents for entrusting us with your students, we hope they learned valuable lessons that will help them in the future! 💙

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