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Dalton Competition!

Last weekend our team traveled to the Dalton Convention Center and competed in the PCH District Dalton Event. Zenith (our robot) started the competition with some technical issues. The team worked to fix the problems, and by day two we had improved the accuracy of our shooter and scored consistently. We played 12 matches with 7 wins and 5 loses. We were an alliance captain and made it to semifinals with FRC 4026 (Decatur Robotics) and FRC 7514 (EVE Robotics). During playoffs, we won the first and third rounds, but lost the second and fourth rounds and were eliminated. We ranked 8th out of the 36 teams at the event. Additionally, our club president Zara was awarded the Dean’s List Semi Finalist award and will be heading to District Championship Dean’s List Finalist. Way to go, Zara! Keep up the great work!

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