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Halfway There!

We’re halfway to our first competition! It has been another eventful week as robot production picks up.

Fabrication members have been tapping, screwing, and cutting away to finish building this year's robot. So far, they've made progress on the shooter and drivetrain subsystems. The Design team has also been collaborating with Fabrication to CNC aluminum plates for the intake and shooter. Speaking of the robot, team members are currently voting on a robot name. Stay tuned to find out what we'll be calling our robot for the 2024 season!

Our Impact Award team is working hard to finish slides and their presentation. The Impact Award video is also under construction and will be completed in the next few days. Keep an eye out on our social media for that and other progress posts. Meanwhile, strategy and programming subteam members continue planning and developing a new scouting app for use at competitions.

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