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FLL Regional and GRITS Recap!

On December 9th, the Techno Titans hosted a FIRST Lego League (FLL) Regional Tournament at Northview High School. We saw 12 FLL teams (over 90 students) compete for various awards. We had 32 student and 10 adult volunteers help with check-in, judging, refereeing, queuing, resetting game fields, and many other tasks to help the tournament be successful. At the end of the day FLL team 47667, the SMARTBOTS, won the Champions trophy.

In addition, we wanted to congratulate the FLL teams we host and mentor on their great teamwork and performance at their competitions. On December 2, the Techno Tigers (FLL 53689) won the Innovation Project at the Athens Academy competition. The Dragon Tech team (FLL 38647) won the Champions Award at the STEAMsport competition on December 9! Both teams will be competing in January at super-regionals. Good luck on your next competitions! The Techno Titans will be cheering you on!

Finally, our long awaited GRITS Recap Video is up on our YouTube channel now! Watch it here.

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