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GRITS 2021

We were able to get Hyperion ready for the GRITS competition in Perry, GA on October 29 & 30. Though we had issues to fix after each match, we were able to put the robot on the field for each round. We had to scramble sometimes to make it happen, but our team worked hard and fixed the issues each time. Our Day 1 matches closed with our best showing, and we were optimistic for Day 2.

Day 2 we finished our final three qualifying matches with good results. Our fixes held! We were the first team selected by Alliance 7. We were honored to have FRC Team 9997 (North Gwinnett Robotics second robot) select us, and were grateful to our other alliance partner, FRC Team 7451 (Avenger Robotics), for working with us to finish out the competition. Our first match of the quarterfinals did not go well, but our second match! We lost by one point. Heartbreaking.

Thank you GeorgiaFIRST, and all the volunteers for a great competition and two days of fun. We are excited for the Rapid React FIRST competition starting in January. It's a great day to be a Titan!



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Matthew DeLuca
Matthew DeLuca
06 nov 2021

A good time was had by all. Can't wait for Rapid React!

Me gusta
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