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Meetings, and prototyping, and CAD-ing! Oh my!

Welcome to week 3 of build season. We have designs, prototypes, and all sorts of robot craziness happening. Materials orders are finally coming in. And yes! Finally some Notes. The Note we received in our kickoff box has seen better days. It looks like an orange confetti factory in here.


The subteams are working hard. The Strategy team had a big powwow right after kickoff to get things started. We have requirements. We have assignments. We have stress.


Our next STEM night is January 27 – dedicated to the weather. Will it actually SNOW in the workspace? Maybe. Maybe not. Stay tuned for footage.

TechnoPig has been hard at work documenting our progress. Follow him on Instagram @technopig1683


And in awesome news, we’ve received sponsorships from Rockwell Automation and the Gene Haas Foundation. We are hoping to make them proud with our hard work, dedication, and robotic excellence.

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